The PAYD that Eliminates Costly DOT Fines

The PAYD helps you to get compliant with Stringent ELD Mandate while improving your CSA scores.

PAYD will assure you to clear the CVSA inspection(s) successfully when called by the DOT officer in the scale house.

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What make us different?



"Trust, efficiency and reliability” are the main cornerstones achieved by our team. This product is designed by a team of professionals who are familiar with the industry for the past two decades.



Direct connectivity with vehicle’s ECM makes it highly reliable to store duty status records internally. Also, the transmission of these records to mobile apps is simple irrespective of platform.



The daily usage cost of PAYD is just 99 cents per day along with the complementary hardware included. Also, it is based on PAYD model i.e. Pay As You Drive so you only need to pay for the day used.

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

PAYD is actively maintained and updated by PAYD. Our support and IT team ensures that software is high quality as expected by the customers.

Are you getting inspected by DOT and getting failed inspections and fine due to unreliable ELD ?

Is your truck flashing check engine lights?

Are you always stressed to record your HOS accurately?

Do not worry. We have you covered !

How it works

Order PAYD

Order your PAYD hardware according to the vehicle's diagnostic connector and recharge the ELD for $199.99 initially to start using.

Install the PAYD

Self install your PAYD hardware on the vehicle’s diagnostic port and download the ELD app on your mobile phone or tablet to get compliant today.

Start passing inspections

Your PAYD keeps your logs up to date and just simply share the ELD data with the DOT officer to pass the inspection.

PAYD Promise

provide technology

To provide technology that helps you start making money again !

reliable products

To provide industry's most reliable products.

customer support

To provide 24*7 / 365 days live customer support.

If you do not order PAYD, you may have to pay expensive DOT fines and also puts your operating authority at risk.

Do not delay, Get your PAYD Today !

Just pay 99¢/day to get:

  • PAYD hardware.
  • PAYD vehicle adapter.
  • PAYD mobile app.
  • IFTA & Tracking 49¢/day extra.
  • You Get all this, Plus the Confidence.
You are using the best, Affordable & Reliable ELD.!
the best Affordable & Reliable ELD

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